Types of Locks

1. Deadbolt Locks
These are the Locks above your door knob used on residential doors. They can support the prevention of anyone breaking in by locking doors to the frame of your house. There are 2 types of deadbolt locks which are single cylinder or double cylinder.

2. Keyless Entry Systems
While they offer an advanced level of security, they also promote benefits by providing you more control over your locks. These locks have both audio and visual indicators which can inform or alert you when doors are secured. These locks can be great but be careful and don't let your batteries die!

3. Entry Locksets
These are doorknobs that can be locked from both the inside and outside of your house. They are not the strongest when it comes to lock strength so it is wise that they are paired with deadbolts.

4. Night Latches
They have an automatic locking feature and are normally installed inside a door. This is great for people who often are forgetful whether they locked their doors or not. They can be great when installed together with deadbolt and doorknob locks.

5. Handlesets
They combine locksets and deadbolts that are usually available in 1 or 2 pieces. Like deadbolt locks they are also commonly used in residential homes. It is known that when it comes to providing adequate security to a door so it is recommended that they are used together with deadbolt locks.

6. Mortise Locks
These are the locks commonly found on commercial properties and apartment buildings. They are small and flat on the outside and can be locked by a latch or key from the inside.



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