1. Residential:
Your home’s first line of defense are your doors, so you need to make sure that they are highly secured. As a residential locksmith we have a vast skill set when it comes to enhancing home security as well as replacing,bypassing and installing locks. Here at Soflo locksmiths we create a defense that would discourage and repel burglars. While doors are obviously the first line of defense, many ignore the improvements that would make the doors sturdier and more resistant. We take pride in ensuring the safety of your well being and belongings.

2. Automotive:
Automotive locksmiths can be seen as professionals who specialize in vehicle lockouts and vehicle keys. Here at SoFlo locksmiths we are trained to use a specific set of tools to open door locks without causing any damage to both the car’s exterior and interior. Our skilled technicians are careful in handling tools needed to open door locks. Aside from knowledge of the proper sets of tools, our locksmith’s training taught them the right amount of pressure that needs to be applied so the tool does not cause harm to the car. We also freshly cut, duplicate, program and/or reflash any key for any car model in a matter of minutes.

3. Commercial
Your business is at risk of being robbed or burglarized just like your home. One of the improvements you need to have in your business or commercial property is efficient security and defense. Our locksmiths at SoFlo have a range of services related to locks and security systems, making them the professionals who can best provide your needs. A lot of business owners still do not know who to call when it comes to security and protection so aside from exposing themselves to risks, they also manage to acquire services that are more costly. If you are having trouble deciding on what to install or add in your office that can enhance security, you can always ask us or your nearest locksmith since we are known to have extensive knowledge on various types of locks and security systems.

4. Emergency
We are the professionals to call when it comes to lock, key and security problems, here at SoFlo locksmiths we are available 24 hours a day and 7 days a week allowing us to provide anyone immediate help. SoFlo knows the essence of having a 24/7 service. We are aware that people may not know when they will need locksmith services especially that lockouts, lock repair or key replacement are often unexpected. As well from having a 24/7 service, we are trained to provide immediate response so problems for our clients are solved right away. We take pride in arriving at your aid immediately but can also make sure to open your doors without damaging your locks.

5. Transponder keys:
Many of us can agree that our car is a very valuable asset, which is why we highly take into account its security and safety. Car manufacturers recognize this concern and developed specialized keys, known as transponder keys, that can reduce chances of thieves stealing our car. Basically, transponder keys are automotive ignition keys that are each configured with a diverse, special set of codes. These keys contain signal emitting circuits and can work using radio wave frequencies. Although the circuit has no battery, it can charge itself using the radio signals it acquire.Unless you ask for a spare from the manufacturer, your transponder key cannot be duplicated. Each key is created to work on a specific car. This means, no key or transponder key can make your car function other than your issued keys. This feature has helped reduce car theft all over the world.

6. Key Cutting:
Locksmiths cut keys for all types of locks; from cabinet locks, safes, homes, businesses, and vehicles. A professional locksmith service can cut keys for houses, businesses, and vehicles, as well as perform vehicle key programming.

7. Programing keys:
Electronic keys were first introduced in the 1990s as an extra means of convenience and security for vehicles. Also known as chip keys and transponder keys, these must be programmed to an individual vehicle before they can be used to start the car's ignition. Only the transponder key will activate your car, and the key can only be programmed from the car itself. You can program a key in about 30 minutes.

8. Car Reflashing:
A reflash is basically when the software of your car is upgraded. We get all the information we need on software upgrades from the manufacturer in the form of technical service bulletins. ... A reflash might also be needed for your car's computers because there is a bug in the software.


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